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Working Papers

Author Title
Carcelli, Shannon "Blast from the Past: Updating and Diversifying Deterrence Theory"
Early, Bryan R., and Erik Gartzke “Offense, Defense, and Reconnaissance: How "Spy" Satellites Inhibit Interstate Disputes”
Gartzke, Erik "Drafting Disputes: Military Labor, Regime Type and Interstate Conflict"
Gartzke, Erik "Nukes in Cyberspace: Potential Pitfalls of Cyberwar in a Thermonuclear World"
Gartzke, Erik "The Influence of Seapower on Politics: Domain and Platform Specific Attributes of Material Capabilities"
Gartzke, Erik and Koji Kagotani "Being There: U.S. Troop Deployments, Force Posture and Alliance Reliability"
Gartzke, Erik, and James Walsh “Drones and their Drawbacks: The effects of RPV’s on Escalation and Instability in Pakistan”
Gartzke, Erik and Jon R. Lindsay “Cross-Domain Deterrence: Strategy in an Era of Complexity,”, updated July 15, 2014
Gartzke, Erik and Jon R. Lindsay "Cross-Domain Deterrence as a Practical Problem and a Theoretical Concept"
Gartzke, Erik and Jon R. Lindsay "Cybersecurity and Cross Domain Deterrence"
Gartzke, Erik and Jon R. Lindsay “Cyberwar in a Thermonuclear World”
Gartzke, Erik and Jon R. Lindsay “Deterrence Across Domains”
Gartzke, Erik and Jon R. Lindsay "Windows on Submarines: Cyber Vulnerabilities and Opportunities in the Maritime Domain"
Gartzke, Erik, Jon R. Lindsay, and Rex Douglass “The Influence of Seapower on Politics: Domain- and Platform-Specific Attributes of Material Capabilities”
Gartzke, Jeffrey M. Kaplow, and Rupal N. Mehta “Offense, Defense and the Structure of Nuclear Forces: The Role of Nuclear Platform Diversification in Securing Second Strike”
Gartzke, Erik, Martin Libicki, and Jon R. Lindsay “Mining Cyberspace: Latency and its Effects on Cyber Conflict”
Gartzke, and Mathew Kroenig “Sleeping Giant or Paper Tiger?: Latent Potential, Current Capabilities and Conventional Interstate Conflict”
Kaplow, Jeffrey M. and Gartzke, Erik "Knowing Unknowns: The Effect of Uncertainty on Interstate Conflict"
Kaplow, Jeffrey M. and Gartzke, Erik "The Determinants of Uncertainty in International Relations"
Lindsay, Jon R. "Proxy Wars: The Common Strategic Logic of Cybersecurity and Counterinsurgency"
Lindsay, Jon R. Shifting the Fog of War: Information Technology and the Politics of Control
Lindsay, Jon R. and Jiakun Jack Zhang “The Commercial Peace in Space and Cyberspace: Cautious Optimism about US-China Relations”
Qiu, Mingda Chinese Thinking about Deterrence, Space, and Cyberspace in the 2013 Science of Military Strategy